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Aileen Nealie, LMFT, DCEP - Holistic Licensed Psychotherapist, Magister-CosmoEnergy Healing


 "Tap into the power within; balance your energy  and 
        train yourself to visualize your life in detail and color. 
   The outcome can only lead to manifestation."
Aileen Nealie is a licensed holistic psychotherapist in the
state of California. She has been in the field for 16 years and
                 specializes in Energy Therapies.


 Aileen Nealie está licenciada en psicoterapia holistica en el estado de California.  Ella ha estado en el campo de la psicología durante los últimos 16 años y se especializa en terapias energéticas.
 Experience the latest CDs available from Aileen:
Healing Your Heart - The Sacred OR
Face your fears and work through your deepest wounds as you heal your heart and encounter yourself at your purest. 30 minutes CD
   The Chakra Balancing With Nature CD is ready for purchase.
Chakra Balancing With Nature
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     This is a magical 35 minute piece. Aileen's powerful and healing            vibration will keep your chakras in full balance and harmony.
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